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Jul 26, 2017 · Rays Volk Racing CE28 - See Post #5 Rays Volk Racing CE28SL ... More sizes available with aggressive fitment ... 01 S2000 , 99 Civic Si Vehicle Showcase 3. Jul 27 ...

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17 Volk - See Price. 17 Volk Rays Vrx10 / Honda S2000 Widebody Rx7 Fd3s Fc3s Mazda Rare Jdm Rims Shirt Provided By: IMPORT BIBLE - Make: Rays Wheels Line Up: Volk Racing Wheel: CE28 Club Racer II - Black Edition Size: 18x.9.5 Offset: 38.He always wanted a set of Nutek Forged Wheels, and knew exactly what style he was looking for. This Widebody M3 currently sits on Nutek Forged Wheels 708 Concave Series in a wide fitment of 19x9.5 Front and 19x11.5 Rear. Usually when you go with a concave design, you sacrifice the depth of the lip. Shawn Kane: Honda Civic Nation (2003) #shawn kane #civic #honda #honda civic #honda civic nation #y2k #2003 #mine. 121 notes

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I have my rears rolled really well, I run a 17x8/9 +35 staggered setup now with 235/40's all around, so I think I may be able to squeeze 17x8.5 off with a 235 tire. I'd have to go with the +40 up front though for fitment issues; I think a 10mm rear width bias shouldn't be too noticeable. ce28 club racer; ce28 club racer ii; ce28 club racer ii black edition; ce28n 10 spoke design; ce28n 8 spoke design; ce28sl; g025; g025 db/c; g16; g16 bc/c; g25; g25edge; g27 progressive model; gt090; te037 6061; te037 6061 redot 2020; te37; te37 gravel; te37 gravel ii; te37 kcr; te37 kcr 2020; te37 kcr bz edition; te37 large p.c.d. pm; te37 sb ... Car Model: FD on Rays ce28's Front Wheel and Tyre Size: 18x8.5 +30 225/40r18 Rear Wheel and Tyre Size: 18x9.5 +25 245/40r18 Suspension: coil-overs Guard Modifications: all guards rolled. Issues with Setup: tires scrubbed HARD over bumps, tire width too wide. issue was eliminated later on with 215/40r18's, they are my friends wheels!

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After chit chatting talking about threads from the past that does not load up more than half of the picture that people have posted long ago, I would like to create a new thread so Please post up your Wheels! also about sizes of wheel and tires but not just for me but future members also